Straws made of wheat!


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  • 100% compostable, sustainable and climate-neutral straws made of straw – say “NO” to plastic with us!
  • Biologically cleaned without additives or bleach – processed by hand! Due to the gentle drying, our straws are particularly stable and can therefore be used perfectly in hot and cold drinks. Absolutely tasteless!
  • There are 100 straws in each package. The length is 20 cm. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for water or soft drinks from glasses or bottles. Citric acid drinks do not affect our straws. Also perfect for long drinks such as gin and tonic or margaritas.
  • We use 10% of our income to support regional environmental protection projects.

Biodegradable straws made from straw. Climate neutral and in harmony with nature and the environment. Perfect for hot and cold drinks. Biologically cleaned without the addition of chemicals or bleaching agents. Our straws are carefully handcrafted and then packaged. Due to our “zero plastic” philosophy, it is very important to us that we refrain from using non-ecological and unsustainable materials in the entire manufacturing process, including packaging. That is why we work very closely with regional organic farmers to keep improving our products and to find new ways to make them cheaper and therefore accessible to everyone.

We are a young startup from North Rhine-Westphalia and have made it our mission to declare war on plastics. With our straws made of straw you not only support local farmers, but also sustainably our environment. We invest at least 10% of our income in other environmental protection projects, creating ways to effectively tackle plastic pollution. Say “NO” to plastic with us and support us. Because we are regional!


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