Together for a biologically sustainable and plastic-free environment

With the words "sustainable" and "organic" many people associate a goal and the willingness to do something positive to protect our environment. But often "sustainable" and "organic" is not that what it´s meant to be. Therefore Bionu goes one step further. We want to create production methods that primarily turn waste into a new product with the aim of recycling / upcycling.

When we talk about straws, very few of us think of the grain in a field. Many people have a colorful plastic drinking straw in their mind. We want to change this image! A straw made of wheat is not only sustainable, ecological and climate-neutral, it is also a waste product and does not have to be grown separately. Cereal plants contribute to our daily basic food.

We would like to offer you this amazing product and we are already working with many people who are also focusing on our goals. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or would like to become part of Bionu, please mail us and we will contact you personally.

several straws

Paper straws

At the moment, paper straws are clearly the trend. They are cheap and their ecological balance is very good at least from European countries. However, they are not stable enough to stay in a drink for a long time as they start to dissolve after 10-15 minutes. Many consumers also relate a paper-like aftertaste and a furry feeling on the lips and tongue. This is why we do not recommend paper straws!

PLA straws

These kind of straw seems like to be the most ecological one. It is compostable and made of a plastic-like material with almost identical properties. Perfect for the catering substitute, right? Furthermore they are very cheap to prepare. PLA is a so-called bioplastic which is obtained from starch. What many people unfortunately do not know is the fact that a PLA straw is not made 100% out of bioplastic.

Bamboo straws

Many people think that bamboo straws are the real alternative to plastic straws. To be sure bamboo has many advantages but it also has a dark side. On the one hand it is very robust, tasteless and ideal for cocktails or long drinks but on the other hand bamboo is a plant that uses a lot of water and unfortunately offers no other ecological benefit than being grown for this product.

Glass / stainless steel​

Nowadays, these straws are often used in the gastronomy. They are recyclable, so that´s why they´re far more ecological than plastic. Unfortunately, the straws are very expensive to buy and the cleaning causes a big problem. The amounts of water that have to be used for cleaning are very large, so many people underestimate that. In the catering industry extra costs arise quickly.

Wheat straws

The word "Wheat Straw" is actually the best description. We believe that straws are the only real alternative to our drinking straws today. There are many reasons for this: the straws are relatively cheap to buy and have a life cycle assessment that is second to none. Since the stalks are a waste product from agriculture, no extra cultivation areas will be required. They are a by-product of grain imports and can also be a great subsidy for many organic farmers. All in all a good thing and a good feeling with every sip!

Plastic-free and sustainable products.
Biodegradable in harmony with nature and the environment.