Plastic free and sustainable products - biodegradable in harmony with nature and the environment

For Bionu sustainable means that our products are not only used for manufacturing purposes. We consciously work with materials that cannot be further processed, that are waste products or are thrown away anyway and can´t be used any longer. In this way, we create additional income opportunities for farmers or smallholders without interfering with their production processes.


There´s no "plan B" for our earth! We have the opportunity to act now and declare war on plastic. Be there and say "NO" to plastic items together with us!


The environment is very important to us, this is why we strictly pay attention during our production to produce in harmony with our resources.


We hope to be able to support agricultural businesses with our idea of ​​a plastic-free environment. We already work with many small companies!

What is Bionu?

First and foremost, Bionu sells an idea and an attitude to life. It is important for our team to change something and to take responsibility with our products. From this year on, plastic straws and packaging may no longer be sold or traded across the EU. As a small startup, we want to stand up for the preservation of our environment and the resources on it. For this reason, we use at least 10% of our income for sustainable projects that actively contribute to the protection of our environment and the preservation of habitats for humans and animals.

Core values

Natural and organic

100% natural production. Our products are made of bamboo, straw or paper and are 100% biodegradable / compostable and sustainable in production. Always with consideration for our environment.


No animal ingredients - We do not use any animal ingredients in our production. Our products are vegan and untreated.


This natural product is tasteless, 100% biodegradable and has a high degree of strength.

Eco friendly

We also use 100% biodegradable and sustainable raw materials for our outer packaging. Straws are sustainable, ecological and climate-neutral.



Straws made of wheat, sustainable, biodegradable and 100% natural


All kinds of packaging, with and without print, say "no" to plastic with us

Plastic-free and sustainable products.
Biodegradable in harmony with nature and the environment.